Our Motto
Today a well sought after HAL School was established in November 1984, under the management of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Education Society, Korwa. (Amethi). The school caters to the educational needs of the children of HAL employees and those residing in the vicinity. It has its own attractive building with spacious playgrounds. It has well equipped science laboratories; air conditioned library and computer lab with internet facility. It promotes co-education and admits children irrespective of their caste, creed and social status. The English medium school is affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi. It maintains high academic standards and prepares the children to face the challenging world. It inculcates good moral values in them & provides an apt platform to nurture their latent talent in order to develop their all round personality.  The chief aim of the school is to ignite curiosity among the students for knowledge and guide them towards right direction to satiate their quest. We have a large number of students who have reached the zenith of success in their lives. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES
  1. To train the mind and shape the character of the younger generation.
  2. To impart proper study habits and stimulate original thinking.
  3. To inculcate a sense of good citizenship with healthy secular and democratic outlook.
  4. To make the students capable of shouldering responsibilities towards the Almighty, their country, family,  neighbours and their fellow men.
  5. To teach the technique that will enable them to discover their talents and powers. 
  6. To inculcate strong attitude of self-reliance and confidence.
  7. To teach dignity of  labour.
  8. To enable students to earn their livelihood and become inspiring citizens of the nation and worthy members of the world community.
  1. Students should come to school in time.
  2. In case a student arrives late for some reason, he /she must obtain permission from the Principal before entering his/her respective classroom.
  3. Suitable disciplinary action will be taken against late comers. Habitual late coming might result in his/her dismissal from school.
  4. The warning bell before the assembly is a signal for all the students to move promptly for assembly.
  5. Attendance in morning assembly is compulsory.
  6. Students should come to school in correct uniform  with water bottle and lunch box. Those who do not adhere to the correct school uniform or do not bring water bottle and lunch box will not be allowed to attend the school on that day.
  7. Students from Nursery to Class V are only allowed to come in civil dress on their birthdays. 
  8. In order to acquire a good command over English language, which is the medium of teaching, children should speak only in English in the premises.
  9. Habitual irregularity in bringing books and notebooks to school will be deemed as an act of indiscipline.
  10. Changing of classrooms between periods going for PT or other activities must be done in complete silence and orderly manner. When using staircases & corridors all students must keep to their left.
  11. Care must be taken of school property and no student should scratch or spoil the desks or chairs or damage school furniture. Students will have to pay for any damage done by them.
  12. Any student found writing / defacing the school walls will be severely punished. Repetition of the offence will lead to dismissal from the school.
  13. Cell Phones, MP3, IPod, camera are strictly banned in the school. Any student found with these will be penalized.
  14. Girls shall not wear any jewellery or apply nail polish or mehndi when they come to school.
  15. Students who use unfair  means during tests and examinations will be given zero in the subject. Repetition of the same offence will result in dismissal.
  16. The school reserves the right to dismiss a student who is irregular in attendance, whose progress is repeatedly unsatisfactory, whose conduct in the school or outside is harmful to other students or whose parents show little or no interest in the progress of their wards.
  17. Attendance on first and  last working day (before and after vacation) is compulsory. Minimum of 75% working days attendance is mandatory for promotion to next class.
Indisciplinary Acts and actions recommended for Students
  • Minor Indisciplinary acts:
  1. Improper school uniform
  2. Frequent late coming
  3. Roaming in  school corridors  or going to other classes
  4. Making noise and producing various kind of sounds
  5. Use of abusive language in school premises
  6. Frequent absence from school
  7. Intimidating junior class students
  8. Individual fighting (not causing injury)
  • Major Indisciplinary acts:
  1. Involvement in stealing
  2. Misbehaviour with school staff
  3. Carrying prohibited items in School premises
  4. Teasing or threatening girls within School premises
  5. Group fighting/fighting causing injury to self or others
  6. Damaging School properly
Action for Indisciplinary act by Students: The intention for action for an indisciplinary act is to avoid such acts in future rather than punishment. However all required approaches would be taken to maintain discipline in the School.
  • Action on Minor Indisciplinary acts:
  1. For any minor Indisciplinary act reported for the first time, the class teacher/ subject teacher will counsel the student. The student may have a sitting with discipline committee or Principal for individual counselling.
  2. For any minor Indisciplinary issue  reported for the second time the class teacher / subject teacher will call the parents and discuss the same in writing.
  3. For subsequent report of Indiscipline of the student, the act will be considered as major Indisciplinary act and action will be taken accordingly.
  • Action on Major Indisciplinary acts:
  1. Any Major Indisciplinary act reported for the first time, the Class teacher/ Subject teacher will call the Parents to discuss the same in writing. Warning letter will be issued to the Student.  In case of damage of property, Fine will be applied along with warning.
  2. Any Major Indisciplinary act reported for the second time , School will suspend the student for a period recommended by the discipline committee, as per the merit of the act.
  3. For subsequent report of Indisciplinary act (Major) of the student, the School will rusticate the Student. A report from Discipline committee will be obtained to take this option as a last resort.
  1. Fine will be applied to individual/ group if adequate evidence is available. In blind cases the fine will be applied to the entire group/ class/ school as the case may be. The amount of fine would be in line with the extent of damage.
Any other complaint reported by either staff or other student will be categorized by Principal, Hal School Korwa for action. Note: 1. Cycle Stand fee is for users only & admission fee is for new admission                  Only.
  1.   Late fine of Rs. 500.00 would be levied if fee is deposited after every    
quarters corresponding month. FEE RULES 
  • Fees should be deposited in the account of HAL School Korwa in SBI, Korwa ONLINE through Fee Collection System, ’State Bank Collect/SB-MOPS’ quarterly upto 25th of April, July, October & January.
  1. School fee is to be paid in full, part payment is not accepted.
  2. Annual fee is to be deposited along with the fee of Ist Quarter in April.
  3. Last date of the deposition of fee for each quarter is as under:
1st Quarter 25th April 2018 2nd Quarter 25th July 2018 3rd Quarter 25th October 2018 4th Quarter 25th January 2019
  1. Fine for the late fee will be charged @ Rs. 5/- per day from 26th of the month upto 30th/31st of the that  month & then from the corresponding month Rs. 500/- will be charged as late fee.
  2. HAL employees will give authorization to Accounts Officer (Pay Roll) HAL, Korwa on the application form for deduction of school fee from their monthly salary in respect of their wards.
  3. Fee once paid will not be refunded. Fee is payable for 12 months of the school year (April-March)
  4. Students who have passed secondary examination from this school will not have to pay any admission fee for class XI.
  5. CBSE Board Examination fee will be deposited in July as per actual application.
  6. If student leaves the school between 1st April to 30th September, six months fees will be charged before issuing TC. If student leaves the school between 1st October onward twelve months fees will be charged before issuing the T.C.
  7. Duplicate Report Card & Transfer Certificate will be issued on payment of Rs. 50.
School Timings
Nursery & K.G. (Summer & Winter)
8.00 AM to 12.30 PM Recess: 10.00 AM to 10.20 AM
Class I to XII (Summer)
Bell Timings
Warning Bell 6.50 AM
1ST Bell 7.00 AM
Assembly 7.05 AM to 7.20 AM
1ST Period 7.20 AM to 8.05 AM
2ND Period 8.05 AM to 8.45 AM
3RD Period 8.45 AM to 9.25 AM
4TH Period 9.25 AM to 10.05 AM
RECESS 10.05 AM to 10.35 AM
5TH Period 10.35 AM to 11.15 AM
6TH Period 11.15 AM to 11.55 AM
7TH Period 11.55 AM to 12.35 PM
8TH Period 12.35 PM to 1.15 PM
Class I to XII (Winter)
Warning Bell 7.50 AM
1ST Bell 8.00 AM
Assembly 8.05 AM to 8.20 AM
1ST Period 8.20 AM to 9.05 AM
2ND Period 9.05 AM to 9.45 AM
3RD Period 9.45 AM to 10.25 AM
4TH Period 10.25 AM to 11.05 AM
RECESS 11.05 AM to 11.35 AM
5TH Period 11.35 AM to 12.15 PM
6TH Period 12.15 PM to 12.55 PM
7TH Period 12.55 PM to 1.35 PM
8TH Period 1.35 PM to 2.15 PM
Note: Primary section (Classes I to V) will get over after 7th Period. MEETING THE PRINCIPAL The Principal will be available to meet parents on all working days  from 9.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M.. However it will be in the interest of the parents to fix up an appointment in advance.   HOUSE SYSTEM The students from Classes III to XII are divided into four houses :
  1. Nehru House
  1. Raman House
  1. Tagore House
  1. Vivekanand House
The house system forms the basis of all competitions in the school and helps to foster cooperation, team spirit, loyalty and healthy competition among the students.